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Sharon Hobson


Dogs have been a part of Sharon's life for over 40 years, both personally and professionally.

As part of living with and training various dogs, she has taken numerous courses using different methods to teach basic commands of sit, stay, down, come and heel. But it was only when she became involved in the exciting sport of agility in 2000, that Sharon learned having fun with your dog is the best way to communicate, bond and train. 

Building on her experience as an agility instructor at the West Carleton Dog Agility Group (WAG), Sharon trained to become a dog obedience trainer who specializes in everyday, fun activities that teach both dog and owner the joy of a well-mannered dog!

In 2009 she graduated with Honours from the Animal Behaviour College in California and is now a certified Professional Dog Trainer.

She continues to upgrade her skills in both agility and obedience, and has taken courses and workshops from Greg Derrett, Susan Garrett, Cheryl Smith, Chris Bach, Pamela Dennison, Pia Silvani, Dr. Christine Zink, Tyler Muto, Brian Agnew, Nelson Hodges, Jay Jack, and Larry Krohn.

Sharon spent seven years as the Head Instructor at WAG, where she was responsible for setting the curriculum and the training of all agility instructors as well for teaching the advanced level students. She continues to teach all levels of agility.

Debbie has been involved with dogs since the early 1980's when she had the first of her two puppies from Guide Dogs for the Blind. As a "puppy walker", she was responsible for raising the pups until they were ready to enter their formal guide dog training program. Both dogs completed their training courses and became certified Guide Dogs.

Later, with her own dogs, Debbie became involved with agility. What started out as a once a week hobby, became a passion as Debbie started competing with her Labs, Kelly and Katie, and then became a dog agility trainer in 2003.   She has  trained her two current dogs, Dakota and Rocket, in agility but no longer competes.  She assists Sharon with Hotdiggity Dog classes, providing students with help based on her keen eye and experience, and providing smart, fun explanations of dog behaviour.

Debbie Davidson


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